Online Comics Resources for Educators

Lesson Plans and Activities Integrating Comics & Cartooning into the Curriculum

Secret Origin of Good Readers A free down-loadable PDF document packed with detailed activities integrating comics into the curriculum. The overall emphasis is reading literacy and story making. There are activities about creating comics, and activities about reading, interpreting, and analyzing comics. All Grade Levels

Comics in the Classroom This site is all about promoting the use of comics in the classroom and includes news and reviews, lesson plans, forums, a blog, and much more. Primary and Middle School Education A website of the National Association of Cartoon Art Educators. The sites hosts comics exercises, lesson plans, sample scripts, study guides, student handouts, teacher syllabi, and a listing of colleges that teach comics and sequential art. Secondary and Post-Secondary Education

General Resources

The History of Comics

NACAE Find a Comics Teacher The site also has a listing of cartoon art educators across the world. Go there to locate a comics educator near you. Secondary and Post-Secondary Education

Comics in the Classroom: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teacher A very thorough website cataloging 100 educator resources for integrating comics into the curriculum. It includes links to articles about the research behind comics in the classroom, links to article and interviews with comics educators, and links many links to site that post comics lesson plans.

Education Conferences Focusing on Comics and Cartooning

NECAC Conference An annual educator conference in Rhodes Island, focusing on comics in education. There are presentations, workshops, keynote speakers, and vendors ranging from publishers, comic book creators & authors, art suppliers, and schools. All Grade Levels

Drawing Lessons for Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Art Club A website with drawing steps for creating many different human, animal, and robotic characters. All Grade Levels


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