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To contact the Richard or Debra, or to book a workshop or presentation, write a note in the comment box and they will get back to you soon.


2 thoughts on “Contact & Booking

  1. What a wonderful site! I just did an entire’s week worth of comics in my preschool curriculum. It was recently Charlie Brown’s birthday and we used comics and key life lessons that Charles Shultz presented in his Peanuts comics. My children were involved, engaged in learning, and the material that we used was enough to cover every domain of learning (science, math, social studies, art, etc.). Thank you so much for having the same passion that I do and trying to bring comics into the curriculum!!! Anytime that you could Skype my school over our SmartBoard, we would love to just listen. I teach at a small PreK center in West Virginia and there are only 4 classes, but we are all very willing to learn!!

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