Cartoon Story Making Workshop: Vernal Utah

Richard Jenkins guided a group of teachers in Vernal Utah through a cartooning workshop. They were a lively, willing, and creative bunch! Present were elementary and secondary teachers, general and art teachers. The teachers learned different strategies and activities for integrating comics into their curriculum. Here Richard is guiding the instructors through a sequencing activity.

The teachers also learned techniques for inventing and drawing fictional cartoon characters. Using the simple drawing steps from Comic In Your Curriculum, the teachers combined basic lines, shapes, and patterns to create their characters. Here are some of their marvelous an eclectic inventions.

Finally, Richard guided the teachers through the a story making activity, in which they created comics about their characters. The teachers finished penciling and inking their comics and will color them when they return home. Below is an example of one of their engaging and funny stories.

Each teacher created an original character, a fictional story in cartoon form, and received detailed lesson plans aligned with the Utah State Common Core Education Standards, assessment rubrics, sample comics for use in their classroom, and lists of other resources for integrating comics into their curriculum. Click here to book Richard Jenkins for a professional development workshop.

A special thanks to Lynna Kendal, a music teacher in Vernal, and to Jean Irwin of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums for making this workshop possible.