Arts and UDL: Engaging Diverse Learners with Cartooning & Improv

Richard Jenkins has a new article at the Teaching Artist Journal site “ALT/Space.” The first two of six parts are now up on the TAJ site.

The article is a reflection about his teaching work in an inclusive classroom. His task  was to teach 19 ELL (English Language Learners) and 3 Special Needs students, all of whom were in the same classroom.

Richard guided the students through four art making activities; creating and illustrating fictional cartoon characters (like the one above), generating ideas and material for stories through two acting/improv activities, and a final story making activity.

It was challenging to teach such a wide range of students. Looking for ways to engage these students, he turned to UDL (Universal Design for Learning). UDL is a teacher planning tool which applies the latest brain science and differentiated instruction in order to engage students with diverse need in their learning.  This article gives a detailed description of UDL and how Richard applied it to his teaching.

Click here to read the first two parts of this six part article.


What are your thoughts?

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